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The 4 pillars of commitment


You cannot sustain or gain health with low quality or no treatment. Treatment includes physical assessment and procedures to identify unwanted tension and reduce tightness, weakness, inflammation and pain that is connected to the identified tension.


You cannot out-treat poor training. Exercising and training are at the top of the list for improving health and longevity. Doing the exercises and training that is right for you is essential.


You cannot out-train a bad diet. There are many proposed nutrition and diet approaches. The key is committing to the one that is tailored to you, meets your needs, and that you can sustain.

Knowledge & Experience

You cannot thrive with poor thinking. The more knowledgeable you are about health the more healthy you will be. The more knowledgeable you are about pain, the less pain you will experience.

A legacy of art and science, blended into real solutions

For nearly 20 years CIHP has been providing solutions to pain, injury and performance where others could not.

Over these years our team involved in thousands of encounters where individuals and teams are trying to reduce pain, injuries and improve their health and/or performance.  The population has been broad and unique. It has included elite level performers in professional sports and military. For example….. 

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