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For nearly 20 years, Central Institute for Human Performance (CIHP) has been providing solutions to pain, injury, and performance where others could not. We have worked with elite level performers in professional sports and the military, and also non-athletic populations from around the world who have not been able to resolve their pain and neuromusculoskeletal problems until they came to CIHP.

All stars, MVPs, top level Navy Seals, World Series Champions, Stanley Cup Champions, Medal of Honor recipient, PGA Player of the Year, No. 1 ranked golfers, Hall of Fame MLB pitchers, Hall of Fame golfers, Broadway performers and professional dancers, soccer teams, No. 1 ranked squash professionals and multiple Olympians have all excelled at the highest level under CIHP’s care. This also includes top performing executives and physicians of all types.

CIHP also caters seamlessly in transforming non-athletic populations from all across the world who have not been able to resolve their pain and neuromusculoskeletal problems after many attempts from other providers and institutions.

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The 4 pillars of commitment

dry needling

You cannot sustain or gain health with low quality or no treatment. Treatment includes physical assessment and procedures to identify unwanted tension and reduce tightness, weakness, inflammation and pain that is connected to the identified tension. Chiropractic treatment used to facilitate neuromuscular activation and trunk engagement to reduce pain and improve overall function and quality of movement on the gym floor and throughout daily life.

performance solutions

You cannot out-treat poor training. Exercising and training are at the top of the list for improving health and longevity. Doing the exercises and training that is right for you is essential. Resilience or performance based training based on individual client’s needs/desires. Programs developed based upon unique assessments and specific goals set by the client and solutions team.


You cannot out-train a bad diet. There are many proposed nutrition and diet approaches. The key is committing to the one that is tailored to you, meets your needs, and that you can sustain. Specialized assessments completed upon intake and at regular intervals throughout a client’s journey at CIHP further ensures positive outcomes.

Knowledge & Experience

You cannot thrive with poor thinking. The more knowledgeable you are about health, the more healthy you will be. The more knowledgeable you are about pain, the less pain you will experience. The team at CIHP is educated on training, nutrition, functional movement, overall healthy life habits, and aims to share this wealth of knowledge with each client in order to help them reach their goals and improve their overall quality of life.

Back pain & CIHP visiting consultation

Central Institute for Human Performance uses proprietary assessments to create unique results that other forms of healthcare rarely achieve. Having two clinicians under one roof with 20+ years of experience alongside pioneers in the industry CIHP provides distinct care to solve pain and treat the entire person.


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As a dynamic, growing environment, CIHP is always searching for talented individuals seeking to better the lives of CIHP clients, support (and be supported by) their team, and continue driving our purpose forward. Learn more at the link below.